by Sarah Blutt, Chris Cander, David Eagleman and Tobey Forney

Inside the nose of seven-year-old Simon, who has caught a cold, an epic battle rages. An invading virus army intent on total domination has just landed. Leucocytes and indigenous bacteria mount a counter-offensive, but cannot defeat the mutating viruses. A virus soldier-defector and a peace-loving bacterium work together to save the nose—and fall in love in the process.


Semi-finalist, 2013 PAGE International Screenwriting Awards


Quarter-finalist, 2013 Scriptapalooza Screenplay Competition



We are pleased to announce that we have signed an option agreement with Comic Animations, the animation division of Cinesite, as producer for Germs!


by Chris Cander and Tobey Forney

Blair Kincaid, ex-lawyer and mother, and her five girlfriends decide the grass might be greener around a house they share without the men in their lives. But what happens to their Bongo House–and their friendship–when complications with the community, the exes, the children, and reality arise?


We have submitted Bongo House to the NYWIFT The Writers Lab for consideration. Decisions will be announced August 1, 2015.