Since 1995, Chris Cander has published more than four hundred articles and essays on the topics of health, fitness, nutrition, parenting and lifestyle. She has served as contributing editor to Oxygen magazine, Clean Eating magazine and Maximum Fitness magazine, and her work has appeared in many other national and local publications, including Men’s Fitness, FamilyFun, American Woodworker, Muscle & Fitness, and the Houston Chronicle.

Below is a small sampling of clips. If you are interested in obtaining the full text of these articles or in seeing the full list of titles, please contact the author via email.


Good Saves
Published in Men’s Fitness June 2014

How to get out of the doghouse and back into her arms.





Burn 150x200

Burn After Eating
Published in Men’s Fitness December 2013

This carb-timing technique is so effective you’ll want to keep it a secret.






Be Your Own EMT
Published in Men’s Fitness June 2013

The first few minutes after injury are usually the most critical. If you’re forced to take care of it on your own, here’s what to do if you…




Seven Keys to Better Sex
Published in Men’s Fitness October 2012

If you want your Master of Bedroom Arts degree, you’ll have to hit the books (actually, just this book).





Fruit for Better Health

Published in Men’s Fitness July 2012

There’s something important you’re not doing—and you’re far from alone in your torpidity, because most Americans are every bit as lax as you are on this score.





House-to-House Hamsters
Published in FamilyFun May 2009

My daughter Sasha started asking for a pet when she turned six last June. Not another fish, she insisted. She wanted a real pet. A pet with fur. She started big – a dog? A cat? No? – and whittled down the dream from there. A rabbit? A ferret? A guinea pig? Really, no? A hamster? Maybe? How about two?




Trestle-Style Dining Table
Published in American Woodworker April/May 2010

This modern interpretation of a Shaker communal table appeals to furniture maker Mark Love’s customers because of its elegant simplicity, ample legroom and the fact that it’s easy to clean under. But Mark loves to build it because of the feet.





15 Instant Health Fixes
Published in Maximum Fitness March/April 2011

Want to feel better, more refreshed, more at ease, and drop those last few pounds? Here are fifteen easy tips to improve your health—today.





Dead Tired
Published in Maximum Fitness July/August 2008

In our world of constant stimulation, soaring career demands and amaranthine entertainment options, it can feel as if life’s coming at you at the speed of artificially extended daylight. Trying to get by on too little sleep can put your job, your waistline, your health, and even your life in peril. And the biggest shocker is how much is actually too little.




Are Your Hormones Making You Fat?
Published in Clean Eating Winter 2008

What you might not know about the link between hormones and weight gain.





Get Cranked?
Published in Maximum Fitness September/October 2011

Liquid energy drinks can give you wings—or clip them.






Boost Your Mood With Food
Published in Clean Eating September/October 2009

What you’re eating may be the reason you’re so stressed out. We have six quick fixes.