One Last Time Forever


Sometimes, in the midst of happily-ever-after, a woman finds herself unexpectedly drawn to a man who is not her husband. But what kind of future can fate offer if the man who captivates her is grappling with a past he cannot share?

In the case of writer Fae Truman, it happens just as she’s grappling with both her reproductive and mental infertility. When she meets the dark and enigmatic Theodore Ellston, it feels to her like kismet. For him, it actually is. In a series of seemingly chance meetings, Theodore gains an inspiring and intractable grasp on her imagination. Suddenly, she is able to reconnect with the part of herself that is neither writer nor wife, but essential to both, all the while growing closer to a man for whom the meaning of “ever after” is more profoundly true and more deeply agonizing than for most. Her husband Michael, meanwhile, is struggling not only with the impending death of his sister, but now an unanticipated estrangement from the woman he has loved almost exclusively for a decade. After Fae replaces her husband’s name with that of her muse on the acknowledgements page of her novel-in-progress, she inadvertently forces all of them into an examination of their individual destinies. What each of them discovers will change their lives forever.

About One Last Time Forever, Selden Edwards, author of The Little Book, says, “Chris Cander’s debut novel is impressive. It starts off well and sustains the momentum through to the smashing conclusion. It is an imaginative and original story about what happens when neither life nor death go as planned, a mythological, metaphysical love story that hooks its reader from page one till the very end.”

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