What Happened to Liam

Myrthen, doing a happy dance.

I’m so grateful for the overwhelming response from readers of WHISPER HOLLOW. Based on the reviews and offline feedback, it seems to have had quite an impact. Thank you to those readers who shared their reactions–it’s rewarding to know that something I spent years creating has resonated in the minds of others.

One of the most frequent questions I’ve received is about Myrthen’s ne’er-do-well cousin Liam, who was complicit in the tragedy that divides the book into its two parts. In the version that was published by the wonderful Other Press this March, Liam doesn’t return to Verra in part two. But in two previous drafts, he returned in a very dramatic way. To sate–or perhaps whet–the curiousity of those readers who’ve wondered what happened to him, I offer you a letter that he wrote to Myrthen a year after the mine explosion.

“Dear Myrthen…”

I’ll look forward to hearing your thoughts. And if you’re so inclined, I’d appreciate your leaving a review of the book on Goodreads and/or Amazon, which helps other readers decide to read it. Thank you!