From Imagination to Publication

Here's my baby.

After a 17-month gestation, my novel was born. Length: 234 pages. Weight: 11.8 oz. Author and book are doing fine.

What a long strange trip it’s been. I started writing 11 Stories in September 2011 and on Tuesday, I shared it with the world. By Wednesday, it was ranked #78 in literary fiction eBooks and I ended up on Amazon’s Top 100 literary fiction authors list—right between Jane Austen and Toni Morrison. I never imagined that would happen.

So my Fun Friday friends and our kids threw a party a day early. As usual, we drank champagne and snacked on a smörgåsbord of goodies and the kids ran around like crazy people. The only thing that made Fun Thursday different from Fun Friday—aside from the day of the week—was that my friends brought their copies of my book and I signed them. Surreal.

Fun Thursday book signing.

Fun Thursday book signing.

I thank you, readers, for your interest in my books and blog posts and articles. It’s deeply gratifying to share something from my imagination to yours. If you pick up a copy of 11 Stories, I’d love to hear your thoughts. I really hope you enjoy it.