The Word Burglar is Finished!

The Word Burglar learns to write.She did it! After a year of hard work, my friend and The Word Burglar illustrator Katherine Tramonte has completed the 24th drawing. It’s an extra-special one, too, because it features the hands and handwriting of my son, who was the inspiration for the story.

We laid out all of the drawings on Kat’s dining table to look at them all together before they’re delivered to the publisher — even as our four kids, her cat, and her Elizabethan collar-wearing dog were tearing through the house with muddy hands and paws and at least one pet worm. Ah, but Kat’s fairly unflappable. Proof? She kept these treasures stashed all year in a huge manila envelope between her fridge and the wall.

Kat and Chris and all the pretty drawings.

Thank you, Kat, for putting your creative soul into this oeuvre. I know our future readers will agree that you’ve done an incredible job. Cheers to you!