The Magic Chest of Drawers

Deco Chest of Drawers by Mark Love. Though crafted with a magical touch, it won’t actually wash and fold your laundry.

In the summer of 2011, my daughter went to camp for three weeks. Since I wasn’t there to tell her a bedtime story (yes, she’s 10-1/2 and I still make up bedtime stories almost every night), I decided to write one each day and send them to her. This was one of my favorites of the twenty-one I wrote that July, not because it’s particularly well-written, but because I often wish I had a little magic to help around the house.

I sure could use some tonight. The electrical system in my car is malfunctioning after I took it to a different service station for an oil change, and I tweaked my back while spreading out a tablecloth for my son’s laser-tag birthday party. There are domestic duties to be attended–as always–but tonight, I’m going to skip them. I’m feeling uncharacteristically harried.

In case any of you moms (and dads) are feeling a little harried too, I send this story to you: “The Magic Chest of Drawers.”