Want to Change the World?

Donate your books, change the world.

…do it a book at a time.

What is the value of a book? It can inspire a career. It can transcend boundaries, It can start a movement.

And now there is a company, founded by two Notre Dame grads who didn’t want to throw out their old books. Instead, they ran a book drive, and started a company called Better World Books.

You may have seen their strategically placed green bins, receptacles for donated books that are later sold online. These two visionaries and their supporting network have converted thirty million books into eight million dollars that fund education and literacy programs worldwide.

Their story is still being written, and they invite you along on their journey to reduce the number of books tossed in landfills, create jobs, and provide books for millions of underserved readers.

Gather your books. Find a green BetterWorld Books bin. Help learners in need.

It’s only going to get better.