I can riyt all of a boock.

Hello, my name is Crise.

There’s nothing quite like the unflappable, unconditional love of a six-year-old boy. I’m getting an early start on the kids’ annual photo yearbooks that I make (using Mixbook, an online scrapbook program) and I rediscovered this worksheet he’d written for me around Valentine’s day. According to him, I am special because I:

  • am “vary, vary nice.”
  • “can kary” him.
  • “mayk delishus food.”
  • “does ti kwon do” and can “cick vary high.”
  • but he seems most impressed by the fact that I can “riyt all of a boock.”

No doubt he’ll be riyting boocks soon, too.


I wonder if the publisher who is reading my latest will agree?