First Light

“Two Planes”, a piece from Fe29’s debut exhibition

My very creative cousins at Fe29 just announced their debut exhibition in the United States, First Light, which features new work by Cecilia Orr, Megan Schmidt, Julian Maher, Mark Love, and yours truly.

“Exploring themes of identity and personal expression through media, these works represent exercises in form and the convergence of unique individuals, each with their own stories and experiences,” says Cecilia.

The piece entitled On Track, is a perfect illustration of the spirit of collaboration that Fe29 represents. Once upon an afternoon, Cecilia and Megan came upon the piece of railroad track, loaded it up in their old Buick and took it back to the Art Lab, not knowing exactly how it would be used. But when a friend gave them two oak stumps from her property, they put them side-by-side and mounted the track on top to make a “hammering station” for the creation of other artworks. It was useful, but also, they realized, aesthetically pleasing–except that it needed something. So they sent me a message: “Cousin, we urgently need a one-line poem to weld onto the top of the railroad iron which is 58″ long. Maybe something about strength.” Which I was pleased to provide:

I stand, quiet as the close of gloaming, bold as the unfurling dawn.

Megan sawed to even, sanded and waxed the wood, which was then rearranged by Mark so that the arcs were back to back, lending balance and strength. Finally, a talented welder named Jim Miller added the poem to the iron, and voilà.

Artists, patrons, and community members are invited to attend the opening reception this Friday, May 11 from 6-9 PM at Fe29’s satellite space in Austin–411 Brazos Street #99–or to stop by anytime through July 9 to see the works.

On Track

On Track