The Birth of a Burglar

Making storyboard notes for THE WORD BURGLAR

One of my favorite places to spend quality down time is in my friend Kat’s kitchen, bellied up to the table on one of her high stools, watching our four kids run in and out and chasing the old cat and the new dog, talking about food and art and life, all the while admiring her small collections of things—images of the Virgen de Guadalupe, for example, or corkboards full of photographs and swatches, her jars full of colored pens and pencils.

But yesterday, I got to sit across from her while she sketched out a storyboard for THE WORD BURGLAR.

This is my first children’s picture book, but from what I understand, once an author hands in the manuscript, they typically have no (or little) input on the illustrations. It becomes an assembly line process, and they have to wait until the galleys to see how their story had been brought to visual life. How lucky for me, then, to be able to not only watch her sketch each spread, but to share input on how I imagined the story and the characters when I wrote it. The only assembly line process going on in this case is mixing cocktails or making snacks for hungry children.

Thank you again, Bright Sky Press, for giving us this amazing opportunity. We couldn’t be happier.